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PSOFT develop systems for any company in order to automate processes, save time and money.

Every company in the world needs a CRM System in order to keep close relationships with their customers. As we all know Representatives come and go normally causing a loss of valuable information and contact with the Customer.

PSOFT develop any of these Online Systems at a minimal Cost.

Companies with Representatives or Field Marketers that have access to the Internet via Laptop, Desktop PC's or about all Mobile devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab installed with Android operating Systems or Apple's I-Pad, can register on this site and No installation of software is required, even at Internet Cafe's. All one needs is an Internet Explorer application and one is ready to GO!


Management and Representatives can view:

  • Planned and Actual Calls
  • Customer Coverage
  • Strike rates
  • Call rates
  • Speciality Analysis
  • Brick Analysis
  • Products Detailed
  • Penetration & Frequencies
  • Customer Activities and Written Sales
  • Other Activities like Leave, Admin and so forth

This information is viewable from anywhere in the World and is live!

Representatives have to register and can start by capturing their Customers and Calls Instantly.When a Representative leaves the Company the New Representative can continue immediately. No Synchronisation or Replication with the Database required. 

Please read 'Terms and Conditions' before registering!