Order Information System

Imagine a company that delivers beverages to 130 000 clients and what all can go wrong. 

In order to track this, our client required an Order Information System to ensure the product reached the correct customer,

at the correct time and at the correct physical address.

To get this right, companies need an additional system to the  SAP ERP system. SAP is only as accurate as the human input into the ERP System. This system was developed to extract data from the SAP database on an hourly basis, this is how errors were encountered.

For example, where a driver delivers beverages to a retail store without a purchase order number. When the customer gets to consolidate at month end, it will be found that they were billed for a product not ordered by them.

The system performs a check on all orders and will cancel any orders in the SAP System that has no purchase order. An email will be sent to notify the person responsible for the creation of the order. This order will need to be reloaded with a purchase order number.

On only one retail company, our client saved around R30 million a month alone. The reports this system creates is endless.

This is just a small part of what this system can do.... 

Data Cleansing System

Our client required a mechanism that could check data integrity in the SAP ERP System, in order to enhance the timeous deliveries and billing of correct product.

It is almost impossible to check the amount of data in the SAP ERP data tables in the SQL database. SAP tables were extracted to check data and to identify anomalies of the customers information.

These errors were sent to the different departments daily to rectify accordingly. This included, delivery days and time, data captured incorrectly and so forth.

PSOFT cut down these 'Errors' from 15% to 2%. Also, assisted with the company's employee KPI's. 

Defects Management System

Our client required a system to capture and track defects during an implementation of a new SAP ERP System. 

PSOFT developed a system to manage all the incidents detected.

The system is more than capable of emailing a vast amount of global teams with severity and statuses of all incidents.

This system has endless reporting capabilities in tracking of all the various defects. 

Management Information Systems

Our client required an Information System in order to track Sales Annually vs Budgets as well as an Internal Territory Management System.

PSOFT supported on a daily and monthly basis. Ensuring staff data captured was accurate. The system calculated many variances in order

to Manage thier Sales Force.

Management and Representatives were able to view:

  • Planned and Actual Calls
  • Customer Coverage
  • Strike rates
  • Call rates
  • Speciality Analysis
  • Brick Analysis
  • Products Detailed
  • Penetration & Frequencies
  • Customer Activities and Written Sales
  • Other Activities like Leave, Admin and so forth 

Pricing Comparison System

Our client required a Pricing Comparison System to track all pricing in all their regions vs competitive products in order to keep a competitive edge.

With microsoft excel templates, regional managers would gather the information on a monthly basis to feed into this system. 

PSOFT created this automated system where the client could compare various scenarios of products to their own products as per their retail group. 

Automated Daily Sales Download System

Our client required a Sales and Stock Movements System. A number of companies use the services provided by DSV, previously known as UTI Pharma. DSV keep their products onsite. They distribute on behalf of clients.

PSOFT developed an Automated Daily Sales Download System to automate this process. This information was downloaded directly from an Ftp Site.

All converted sales were downloaded to a preferred format which was run at 5:15 am. SAP or Pastel text file loads converted files into a preferred sales system. 

Cell Phone Tracking System

Many companies are trying to save costs by distinguishing between Private Calls vs. Business Calls. Cell phone service providers emailed their Customers their cellphone usages, such as calls and data usage. This information had to be manipulated in  Microsoft Excel in order to analyse the data from these four major cellphone companies.

At PSOFT we believe that this was very time consuming.  A  Microsoft Access Database was developed which resided on their network. This is where an Administrator, as well as staff viewed all numbers dialled. Newly dialled numbers reflected on the system at month end. No capturing was required.

SAP loaded files into the SAP ERP per Cost Center. The system tracked usages per month per employee. All Split Business Calls vs. Private Calls for Staff Debtors were also available. 


Skills Audit Tool

Many companies are evaluating ther Employee Skills annually, be it Behavioural ot Technical . This information had to be manipulated in  Microsoft Excel in order to analyse the data from these four major companies.

At PSOFT we believe that this was very time consuming.  A  Microsoft Access Database was developed which resided on their network. This is where an Administrator, as well as staff entered their Current and Target measures to achieve in a years time. An automated Heatmap in Excel is produced in order to see the extremes with individual action Plans.


Manufacturing Management System

A Company that press hundreds of thousand of parts for the Motor Industry required a System that could track their 4000 tools (this was stored at three various locations). With 80 various presses they could then find their tools more effortlessly.

PSOFT developed a Manufacturing Management System to track the number of presses these CNC machines pressed. Everyone of these CNC machines were tracked in order to determine preventative maintenance.

Some of these tools broke down (as in all manufacturing plants) and needed repairing. Our system kept track of what was required to repair these tools. For example, by artisan, labour, consumable and material costs.

This System determined the Manufacturing Costs of all parts required for the Motor Vehicle Industry. 


CRM & Commission Calculation System 

A Company that has many investors worldwide was using Microsoft Excel to calculate Agent commissions on a monthly basis. This was very time consuming and the accuracy of these calculations was dependent on human input.

PSOFT developed a system that Automated the calculations and generated the commission reports as well as the Client investment portfolio instantly. This saved time and money on a monthly basis.

Vehicle Cost Tracking System

Our client required a Vehicle Cost Tracking System. All received and converted files from the Motor Vehicle Finance House were  converted and uploaded into SAP ERP per cost center and as well as expense account. This information was used to forecast and budget.

PSOFT system was built to track all the usages per month per employee and per vehicle. 

Training Scheduling System

Our client required a Training tool for appropriate scheduling to be done. The client wanted to simplify course planning, maximize clients facilities and to eliminate any planning errors by scheduling trainers, delegates, rooms and equipment which was exceptionally user friendly.

PSOFT delivered a system that was easily referenced and ensured compliance even in an auditing perspective. The client queries and support functions allowed the departments training scheduling to run effectively.

This System was developed to assist the Training team for scheduling a training plan. 

Budget System

Many companies use  Microsoft Excel to capture their Expense Budgets in an attempt to consolidate all the sheets. Most people add extra lines which actually becomes a nightmare in the end to consolidate.

PSOFT created a system on the clients network server in order to capture the various Monthly Operating Expenses per Cost Center.

To the extent the Financial Director was able to view the percentage completion of the Budget capturing process and at the same time was able to manage the various Cost Center Owners in order to complete this process in time.

On completion of this process various discussions could take place to justify and adjust the budget figures. After approval of these budgets, these numbers were then loaded into their SAP ERP System per cost center and expense account.

This System saved time and money by generating reports by month and year. 

Employee Salary Budget and Actual System

Our client required a system to analyse every employees remuneration and deduction for their various allowances given to them as part of their package. As one knows that an annual salary increase process can be a nightmare.

PSOFT was able to compare the Packages against the Industry Averages in order to keep their employee salaries competitive and so as not to loose their employees to competitors, as alot of effort and training was spent on upskilling them.

Reports were generated by this system per Employee per Month and Year. 


Employee Headcount System

Our client a system to be developed to assist the Human Resources Department so as to determine how many employees they have and how many employees were to be employed in future.

PSOFT developed a system to assist Management with the Departmental Headcount for each Cost Center.

This information was also used to load directly into the SAP Human Resources (HR) System.


Master Data Verification System

Our client a system to clean Materials details before loading incorrect data into SAP.

PSOFT developed a system to ensure that all Production Planning(PP), Material Management(MM), Financial(FI) and Costing(CO) characteristics of these materials were 100% correct before loading. The system identified and Duplicate Materials to be deleted before loading.